The Mapleline herd is carefully managed to give us full control over our cows’ nutrition and overall health. Having a team of expertly trained individuals means being able to adjust feed rations, noticing changes in health or developing conditions, and keeping organized records and feed charts. We also take pride in the cleanliness of the farm and the barns, which in turn creates a healthy living environment for the cows.

We think Jersey's produce a good tasting milk, but it also has high nutritional values.  Compared to average milk, a glass of Jersey milk has: 15% to 20% more protein, 15% to 18% more calcium, and 10% to 12% more phosphorous, and also considerably higher levels of essential vitamin, B12.   Jersey's also have the smallest carbon footprint compare to their counterparts. They require 32% less water, 11% less land, produces less waste and uses substantially less fossil fuels resulting in a 20% reduction in total carbon footprint.

Cows getting milked in the parlor.

All of our cows are registered with the American Jersey Cattle Association and our milk has earned the “Queen of Quality” seal by National All-Jersey, Inc. We have been proud members of this organization for nearly 50 years.  We do not use any synthetic growth hormones (rBST as it’s commonly known as) and our Jerseys have a diet that is mostly home-grown in the pastures surrounding the farm. Our cows receive regular veterinary check-ups to ensure the optimal health of the herd. We are not certified organic, but we’d like to think that we’re as close to it as we can get.

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