This farm was John’s vision growing up and he’s always envisioning what’s next. A true dairy farming pioneer and entrepreneur, John manages the wholesale business and oversees all aspects of the farm.  When he’s not busy keeping tabs on all of us, he’s dedicated to serving National All-Jersey as a member of their board of directors.  He still loves making milk deliveries to customers and always has a good joke.  And despite his intimidating stature, John can always make the littlest of kids smile.

Rich West


Managing our entire herd, from newborn calves to our most senior milk producers is Rich.  Rich has been with Mapleline since the days of milking a few dozen cows in the original tie-stall barn to creating a high-performing herd that would produce enough quality milk to put in a bottle with our own name on it.  A true cattleman at heart, Rich’s love for the Jersey cow is apparent in his dedication and care he gives to each animal. 



Chad oversees all things related to agronomy and maintenance and maintains a productive work flow between the dairy plant, the farm operation an the wholesale business.  His experience in logistics and training in operations management, coupled with his mechanical skills, help keep the farm operating smoothly.  He has a keen interest in John Deere tractors and especially knows his way around ones built in the 50’s…"they don’t make ‘em like that anymore."